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Perfect Optics® participated in AOMTA & YSAOM 2022

International Conference on Advanced Optical Manufacturing Technologies & Applications 2022 & 2nd International Forum of Young Scientists on Advanced Optical Manufacturing

Perfect Optics®New headquarters building and Manufacturing base are located in Chengdu Tianfu Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park

Over 19,000 m2 Perfect Optics® headquarters building has recently completed the design plan and will be officially opened in the first quarter of 2023;

Chengdu Xinjin District People's Congress representative group has carried on the investigation to Perfect Optics®

On April 13, 2022, Mr. Jian-dong An, director of the National People's Congress standing committee, Mr. cheng-jun Yang, director of the office of National People's Congress,  Mr. Zhan Wang, director of Economic Committee of People's Congress of Xinjin District, and relevant leaders of Tianfu Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Management Committee went to Perfect Optics to carry out special research, and paid a special visit to each workshop of our company to get a detailed understanding of the layout of each workshop and advanced optical processing equipment of Perfect Optics. Dr. Petrel Shi , CEO of our company, accompanied the whole investigation;

Financial help into the science and technology innovation enterprises to Perfect Optics®

On March 2, 2022, Xinjin Longqi Fund Co., Ltd. and Xinjin Investment Promotion Bureau went to Perfect Precision Optics Co., Ltd. for research. Mr. Liang Yang , Director of Xinjin Investment Promotion Bureau, Mr.Xu Han , Deputy director of Xinjin Investment Promotion Bureau, and Mr. Jianjun Yang , Executive Director and General Manager of Longqi Fund Co., Ltd. participated.

Perfect Optics®has obtained financing of over RMB 100 million

By the end of 2022-02-10, Perfect Optics® has completed a financing of over RMB 100 million , and Nantong Xdian Tianlang Fund participated in the investment, The investors of this round also include Kaifu Capital, Shenzhen Hi-tech Investment, Huiyu Capital and Jiayi Fund, which are used to develop high-end optical equipment research and development and expand the capacity and production line of high-precision optical components and optical systems.

Perfect Optics®2022 New Year Corporate Dinner

Hundreds of Ships forward,Courageously First,Thousands of Sails forward ,Brave into the Victory!

Perfect Optics®Won the bidding for the world's first 4 meter ion beam polishing equipment

Perfect Optics® won the bidding of the world's first ultra-large diameter (4 meters) ion beam polishing system/equipment, which also means that China's ultra-precision high-end optical equipment has officially entered the world's leading ranks;

Perfect Optics® Corporate Team Building Activities

On November 25, 2021, the annual Thanksgiving Day, We launched a one-day team building activity for relaxing, walking into the nature, we climbed mountains together, slide together... together enjoy the food; # Happy work and enjoy life!

Dr.Petrel Shi, Founder & CEO of Perfect Optics® ,reported and demonstrated our Ultra precision Ion Beam Polishing equipment to Mr. Xi, President of P.R.C

On March 24, 2021, Mr. Xi, President of P.R.C inspected Fujian Fuguang Co., Ltd., When visiting the optical precision machining  workshop, as this equipment supplier, Dr. Petrel Shi , CEO of Perfect Optics®, reported and demonstrated the performance and production operation of Ion Beam Polishing equipment to Mr.Xi,President of P.R.C.