Chengdu Xinjin District People's Congress representative group has carried on the investigation to Perfect Optics®

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On April 13, 2022, Mr. Jian-dong An, director of the National People's Congress standing committee, Mr. cheng-jun Yang, director of the office of National People's Congress,  Mr. Zhan Wang, director of Economic Committee of People's Congress of Xinjin District, and relevant leaders of Tianfu Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Management Committee went to Perfect Optics to carry out special research, and paid a special visit to each workshop of our company to get a detailed understanding of the layout of each workshop and advanced optical processing equipment of Perfect Optics. Dr. Petrel Shi , CEO of our company, accompanied the whole investigation;

During the visit, Dr. Petrel Shi introduced our IBF350-IBF4000 series Ion beam polishing machine, Robot polishing machine, OPTEC CNC polishing machine and other advanced optical machining equipment, as well as Zygo interferometer, CMM and other advanced optical inspection & testing equipment in detail. Director Jiandong An and his team fully affirmed the optical manufacturing technology ability of the whole process from the core parts of equipment, high-precision equipment research and development to high-precision manufacturing process. Mr. Zhan Wang , director of the economic committee of the District People's Congress, pointed out that Perfect Optics is a very young and innovative team;

In the following discussion and exchange meeting, the district People's Congress representative group got a detailed understanding of the development history, project planning, production operation, scientific and technological research and development of Perfect Optics. The core advantages of Perfect Optics and its planning and development are highly affirmed. The representative group pointed out that digital enabled new manufacturing should be highlighted in the field of new manufacturing; At the production end, we focus on intelligent factories and digital production lines to improve production efficiency. On the product side, we focus on intelligent hardware products and nurture the supply chain of intelligent hardware industry.


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