Perfect Optics® participated in AOMTA & YSAOM 2022

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(International Conference on Advanced Optical Manufacturing Technologies & Applications 2022 & 2nd International Forum of Young Scientists on Advanced Optical Manufacturing)

“International Conference on Advanced Optical Manufacturing Technologies & Applications 2022 & 2nd International Forum of Young Scientists on Advanced Optical Manufacturing” (AOMTA & YSAOM 2022), hosted by the Chinese Society of Optical Engineering(CSOE), was successfully held in Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center Grand Hotel from July 29-31, 2022. Due to the impact of the epidemic in China, the conference was held through an online + offline conference. There were more than 500 offline participants and more than 200 online participants from more than 100 companies in 7 countries, including Australia, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Lithuania and China. The conference has been strongly supported by relevant units and research teams in the field of advanced optical manufacturing in China, which is a high-level industry event in this field in China.

The meeting set up 12 issues reported and discussed, including large size optical reflector and telescope technology, super precision optical processing technology and equipment, optical testing, measurement technology and equipment, the new system, new concept design technology and method, optical micro-nano manufacturing technology and application of high performance optical manufacturing technology and equipment, new technology, new technology and new method, Advanced OPTICAL THIN FILM TECHNOLOGY AND EQUIPMENT, OPTICAL SYSTEM installation, system integration and evaluation technology, OPTICAL flow control and liquid crystal technology and applications, laser and optoelectronic devices and applications, model-based optical systems engineering.

Brief warm after the opening ceremony, a total of five invited experts to do wonderful conference report, respectively by the standing director of optical engineering society of China, the association PhotoniX journal, deputy editor, Tsinghua University professor Hong-bo Sun and optical engineering society of China advanced optical manufacturing youth expert committee, Director of the committee, Fudan University professor Kong Lingbao host, The conference report is from Academician Guo Dongming of Dalian University of Technology—High Performance Optical Manufacturing Technology;Prof. Zhang Xuejun, Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences—Ultra-precision optical component manufacturing and measurement technology;Wounjhang Park Professor,University of Colorado Boulder,USA—Upconversion Nanomaterials for Biosensing and Imaging Applications;Professor Pengcheng,Hu,Harbin Institute of Technology—Development and challenge of ultra precision laser interferometric displacement measurement technology;Professor Saulius Juodkazis,Swinburne Universuty of Technology ,Australia—Ultra-short laser pulses for high precision laser fabrication.

As one of the 19 corporate sponsors of this conference, Perfect Optics is honored to share and show the world's leading optical technologies such as IBF series Ion Beam Polishing equipment, IRP series Intelligent Robot Polishing equipment and large aperture aspheric surface machining technology.



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