Who We Are

Who We Are

Perfect Optics® is a professional manufacturer and provider of intelligent High-end optical equipment and ultra-precision optical components & optical systems in China; Headquarter office,R&D Center and Manufacturing plant based in Chengdu,Sichuan, Our Sales & International Trading Center set up in Shanghai,China;

Our products are widely used in Aerospace & Aviation industry, Science Research, Medical, Imaging and Semiconductor etc fields, providing leading solutions, precision optical components and optical system for global cooperative partner;

Since 2016, We have successfully applied for 4 Invention Patents, 3 Authorized Invention Patents, 9 Utility Model Patents and 4 Computer Software including Software of Ion beam featuring time calculation;

We always maintains state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities including IBF series Ion Beam Featuring Equipment, IRP series Intelligent Robot Polishing Equipment which R&D by ourselves;  Quality Inspection instruments including :ZYGO Interfermeter,600 Plane Interometer, Luphoscan 600HD and CMM etc ;

Our team has strong R&D capability, Our core Engineers are all Doctors which from the Institute of Optical & Electronics, China National Academy of Sciences,and Perfect service system at local & oversea, to ensure products quality and service.




Dr.Petrel Shi, CEO & Founder

He has been deeply engaged in ultra-precision advanced optics for more than 10 years. During his doctoral study, he concentrated on ion beam polishing equipment and technology, and pursued excellence in work, worked hard and was friendly. In March 2021, reported related equipment and technology to General Secretary Xi in Fuguang Company;

2006-2011 Doctor,Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences 2010-2015 Associate Professor, Institute of Optics and Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2016~Now Set up Perfect Optics as CEO;

At the same time, he was responsible for several national key projects:

As leader of National 02 major special sub-projects
In 2009, developing optical processing technology; 

As leader of "Western Light Doctor Project" of Chinese Academy of Sciences
In 2011~2012,Developing ultra-high precision ion beam polishing;

As leader of Youth Fund of National Natural Science Foundation of China
In 2014, Developing that controling error by medium-high frequency ;

In 2010, As the application leader,resposible for the ion beam polishing machine which purchased from Germany and the first in China  installation, use and maintenance, through lots of testing and application, Fully understood the equipment structure, principle, the function of each component and parameter Settings.

Culture & Vision

Our Vision & Mission

Focus on building an international brand of intelligent High-end optical equipment and ultra-precision optical components and optical systems + a century-old  enterprise, and provide better solutions for global customers to realize industry 4.0 and intelligent factory.

Our Culture & Value

1.Deliver Happiness &  Caring for neighbors ; 
2.Open mind,Brave to face new things and challenges, hard work, continuous innovation;

Our Core Competitiveness

1. Under the international vision, We continue to meet the rapid development of market and customer requirements;  
2. High-tech enterprise which with 16+ technology patents,Quality management system ISO9001 certification approved, for the global customers to provide high-quality products;

Our Team

Our founder is a doctor from Institute of Optics and Electronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, a senior, professional management team, and a group of "craftsman" spirit of R & D, technology and manufacturing team with their own belief and attitude of doing things to perfect.