Optical Design Engineer

15K-20K,13mths Salary

Job Description:

1、Design & build optical system, test optical system, and Editing supporting program;
2、Practical experience in optical path construction, optical system analysis, optical design, simulation, engineering drawing, etc.
4、Ability to design, analyze and develop optical systems or lenses;


1. Master degree or above in OPTICAL engineering, PHYSICS, experience in optical design is preferred;
2. Proficient in engineering optics and physical optics design; Good command of optical design software;
3. Master mechanical structure design, proficient in drawing software;
4. Able to design lens, optical system, understand optical processing, assembly process, have optical engineering experience;
5. Positive, optimistic, team spirit, good communication skills and pressure resistance ability.


15K-20K,13mths Salary,five social insurance and one housing fund;