Automation Control Engineer

15K-20K, 13mths Salary

Job Description:

1、According to project requirements, complete program design, internal testing, field debugging, installation and deployment under technical guidance;
2、Analyze and verify the feasibility of new equipment, participate in the installation and debugging of new equipment and cooperate with the development and design personnel to train the maintenance team;
3、Evaluate the operation safety and protection safety of equipment;
4.Accuracy and effect verification after planned maintenance of automation equipment;
5、According to the arrangement of the company, cooperate with the leader to complete the other work;


1.Master degree or above (bachelor degree with more than 3 years of relevant working experience);
2.Experience in equipment development;
3.Familiar with C、C++ programming;
4.Experience in motion control;
5.Ability in PLC development experience;


15K-20K,13mths Salary,five social insurance and one housing fund;